The Evolution of A Culture

We, the Members of Chosen Zulu, acknowledge that some of the pre-existing cultural elements of the “Indigenous” or “Native” People, came together to begin what we now understand to be the Music & Culture of Hip Hop around the year 1973 A.D.

We further acknowledge that some of the elements existed in some form immediately prior to the inception of the 4 major elements into the “Movement” at the time. 

Meaning, there were already some DJ’s, though they weren’t “Hip Hop DJ’s” and there were M.C.’s, though they weren’t “Hip Hop Emcees”. And Graffiti existed though it wasn’t “Hip Hop Graffiti”. And elements of Break Dancing existed before we called them B-Boys/B-Girls.  

But in 1973 and the following years the Elements fused together to become the basis of the Culture which we now Know and Love as 

“Hip Hop”.

In time we hope to Create a timeline and have people contribute pics, flyers, audio samples and videos to fill in the missing pieces of the Untold History of Hip Hop, Around The World. 

We will also continue creating and teaching lessons on the elements of Hip Hop, The Pioneers of the Culture, including Disco King Mario, DJ Kool Herc, GrandMaster Flash, Grand Wizard Theodore, and Many Many Others that contributed to the Evolution and Global Spread of the Hip Hop Culture, The Industry and The Movement over the years. 

Below, We have included an example of some Videos and Hip Hop Timelines  that already exist on the internet. 

Feel free to contact us on Facebook with any info you may know of regarding the  History and Elements of Hip Hop.

Disco King Mario

Paul Wilson Jr.

Published on Mar 29, 2019

Hip Hop's biggest mystery, this docudrama highlights the life of Disco King Mario, a DJ from the Bronx who played a major role in the creation of Hip Hop. 

Disco King Mario Park Petition

Please show your support by signing this petition and helping us rename Rosedale Park to Disco King Mario Park so that future generations will inquire and learn about him and his unsung contributions to hip hop.    We only need 4K signatures to do this.  It's easy, free, no spam, no drama, and only takes 30 seconds to do.  Your signature will help with the correction of hip hop history.

Grandmaster Flash

DJ Grandmaster Flash

Published on Aug 14, 2017 

A Letter to DJ Kool Herc: there is so much confusion on who created the loop. Help me set the record straight. ~ Grandmaster Flash