DJ- Disc Jock/ Turntablist- plays the records while mixing, cutting, scratching, &/or blending the tempos of at least two records while controlling and amping the atmosphere of the event or recording. 

EMCEE/M.C.- Master of Ceremonies, Lyricist, Rhythm Art Poet, Not to be confused with the 

Recording Artist Pretending

BREAK DANCER-Physical Technician, Capable of translating the rhythm, beat, and melody of the music into body language

GRAFITI ARTIST- Memorial Makers, artists with a unique flare and style considered modern day hieroglyphics. Known for their colorful Paintings on walls, usually a tribute to themselves, a friend, their crew, or neighborhood, or local business advertisement

BEAT-BOXIN- Physical Musicians- able to create various musical elements at once using their voice, throat, teeth, tongue, lips, hands, chest, abdomen and sometimes including random items, like bucket, wall, keys, spoon, etc.

HIP HOP KNOWLEDGE- (Knowledge, Wisdom, Overstanding) Knowledge not taught in school or home. Information acquired by living the steet life or by learning it from friends or elders in the neighborhood that teach you the tricks of the trades, or the real reasons behind the politics, or the propaganda, or about the penal system, or just about survival by any means and the code of the streets.

HIP HOP LANGUAGE- Slang/ Ebonics-the terms of the generation of the times that were made from the manipulation of the English language by adding definitions to words, substituting words, or changing word spellings or pronunciation to have new meanings or creating new words. For example: Good- Nice, hot, ill, dope, fresh, rugged, wicked, righteous, Phat, sick, etc.

HIP HOP FASHION- the way of dress of the youth and young adults that reflects the unique styles and fads that are original to this generation. For Example: wide rim hats, very baggy below your butt pants, multicolored unlaced boots, grafiti t-shirts, custom made jerseys, too small baby-t’s, very tight butt boosting ladies jeans, etc.

HIP HOP BUSINESS (Entrepreneurialism)- business transactions that take place outside of a normal business environment such as the streets or in home. For example bootleg street vendors with cd’s, t’shirts, Jewelry, sunglasses, inscense, cellphones, perfumes, socks, batteries, candy and illegal items, as well as in home businesses like daycare, recording studios, producers, graphic designers, hair/nail styling, barbers, or even unlicensed service providers like event planners, promoters, dancers, bouncers, photgraphers, etc. virtually any business that pays in cash, off the books, without taxes, &/or without documentation can be considered Street business.

By: E. (PRiZM) Roman